Over the past century, the most sought after commercial fish in the world has been Tuna. Of all Tuna, Yellowfin is perhaps the most sought after worldwide. Without a doubt, Tuna is the iconic fish for various sushi due to its tender, juicy flavor and at times fetches unbelievable prices in market. Found through most of the planets oceans, the Yellowfin Tuna is great efficient predator and pound for pound one of the top fighting sportfish in the ocean.

Tuna truly are the great predators in the open ocean. They are found in deep pelagic waters often around currents, sea mounts, or other offshore structure. These hydrodynamic torpedos are well known for destroying massive bait balls of anchovie and sardines in just minutes. A Tuna is an absolute eating machine. They have to constantly feed to maintain their exceptionally high metabolism. Throughout the years the Tuna fishery has dwindled severely due to the over-harvesting of this highly prized species for food.

Yellowfin Tuna are amongst the fastest growing species of fish in the ocean, which in return helps fight against the heavy harvesting. Some specimens have been captured maxing out between 300-400lbs!  While on average though, these fish run around 100lbs or less. Their iconic sickles protrude from their dorsal and ventral sides, growing with age. Despite the size, Yellowfin (and Tuna in general) are also some of the fastest fish in the ocean. They can turn on a dime while blasting into a bait ball or breach the surface high into the air while chasing prey. Tuna are a remarkable species, which have evolved in so many ways to being the perfect predator.



We are proud to present the Ocean Conservancy Project which was materialized to show appreciation for the great world of sportfishing and to understand and protect the incredible species that inhabit it. The OCP will feature some great art and prints by some of the top photographers and artists in the world. Among these are Pelagic's own Tony Ludovico .


Here is an inshore addition to the Ocean Conservancy Project as we introduce the Blue Marlin .

About the Photo

Yellowfin Tuna are top predators, common species in tropical pelagic waters all around the world. They are pound for pound some of the best fighting brutes on the face of the planet. Yellowfin are highly respected for sport and highly prized as table fare.

This photo was taken off the coast of Mexico during a Marlin expedition. The boat was able to chum up a couple quality Yellowfin Tuna. Tony saw his chance to get in and witness these great predators in their raw habitat. Fortunately armed with his camera, Ludovico was able snap several pictures during this brief feeding frenzy. While many of the pictures came out, one stood out among all the others...

With each Purchase of one of Tony's prints, a portion of proceeds gets donated courtesy of the Ocean Conservancy Project to help educate and protect our fishery for future generations to enjoy.


Yellowfin Tuna by Tony Ludovico  (Order Print )


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