Without a doubt, the most iconic gamefish in sportfishing history is the Blue Marlin . The Blue Marlin is the fish of legends and also the fish that Santiago battles in Enrest hemingway's timeless classic, The Old Man and the Sea. Marlin are caught all around the globe in warm and tropical waters. Whether the Atlantic Blue Marlin and indo pacific Marlin are a different species or not is still heavily debated til this day.

Marlin are great predators in the open ocean. They can be found in some of the most unexpected locations, but often around currents, sea mounts, or other offshore structure. These mega sportfish are well known for slashing at their food source, often being Tuna and Bonita. Throughout the years the Blue Marlin fishery has remained fairly constant, despite the harvesting of species for food in various less economic countries. Tournaments exists around the world and within the past 20 years catch and release has been heavily promoted especially by recreational sportfishermen.

Marlin may grow as large as 14' and top 2000lbs. Granders (fish over 1000lbs) are caught worldwide every year and the pursuit of the 2000lb beast is and will remain the holy grail milestone that may never be broken. While not immediately threatened, their numbers are currently stable and as long as responsible anglers and tournament conductors condone appropriate action, this fishery will thrive for generations to come.



We are proud to present the Ocean Conservancy Project which was materialized to show appreciation for the great world of sportfishing and to understand and protect the incredible species that inhabit it. The OCP will feature some great art and prints by some of the top photographers and artists in the world. Among these are Pelagic's own Tony Ludovico .


Here is an inshore addition to the Ocean Conservancy Project as we introduce the Blue Marlin .

About the Photo

Blue Marlin are top predators, common species in tropical pelagic waters all around the world. They are true monsters feeding on many other gamefish. Their great battles with anglers have made them quite possibly the most respected gamefish on the planet.

This photo was taken off the coast of the Dominican Republic. While on a 3 day adventures in pursuit of billfish, things had remained slow. All hopes were being pushed to the side and things looked gloomy. At the end of the last day on the water,  the boys were suddenly awakened by a crashing explosion on the surface. The fish dumped a load of line and put on a show for the ages.  After an epic battle, Tony was given the ok during the release to jump in and take advantage of a chance of a lifetime to get a few photo's of a huge lit up Blue Marlin . After all said and done, they know deep down they must have captured something amazing... and this is Tony's great image...

With each Purchase of one of Tony's prints, a portion of proceeds gets donated courtesy of the Ocean Conservancy Project to help educate and protect our fishery for future generations to enjoy.


Blue Marlin by Tony Ludovico  (Order Print )


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