Posted by Colin on Aug 17, 2010



Location:   Kona, Hawaii

Kona remains one of the top Pacific destinations for many pelagics, everything from Tuna and Mahi to massive Blue Marlin . Thanks in part to the Hawaiian Island's remote location far in the Pacific Ocean, it is an oasis for Pelagic fish and more notably the highly sought after giants of the sea, the Blue Marlin. Kona is a unique destination in which sportfishermen can actively fish any day of the year (weather pending) and have a chance at a possible Grander Marlin.

Spearfishing in Kona is top-notch as well. It is a premiere location for spearfishing also due to ideal conditions year-round. Some of the main species taken by spear are Tuna, Mahi, and Wahoo. It is here that Calvin Lai calls home and has stunned the world with some if his very impressive catches.

Below:  PELAGIC Pro Team Freediver Calvin Lai breaches the surface to reveal a nice Mahi.

To be able to stalk and efficiently hunt a Tuna in their realm takes great skill and patience. You have to be mentally stable and confident in your physical abilities. Under the water, you become more like a natural aquatic creature then a human. Gear is higly tuned and precise and timing is everything. Fortunately many pelagic fish are curious as it is. Fish like Tuna and Mahi may travel miles without eating anything and a chance to checkout anything 'different' in the water may result in a fast meal.

Below:  Calvin with an impressive Yellowfin Tuna on the way to the surface...

While spearfishing is a very dangerous sport, more and more people are taking part in it. New advanced technologies are always being developed to accomodate to the recreational and professional freediver. An important role Calvin plays is the promotion of responsible harvest. Responsible harvest is the act of not going crazy and shooting everything you can, it is the act of responsibly shooting only what you need, taking the safest of shots to limit a miss and also not to harm the fish with a careless shot. Both Calvin Lai and Sheri Daye are strong conservationalist and both young legends in their sport, and both of these great people have educated the world over and spearfishing.

Below: Calvin posing with a solid triple-digit Tuna !

PELAGIC Pro Team Freediver Calvin Lai has had many very respectable fish come by way of his speargun. Some of these fish have gained worldwide recognition for him, including his world-record blue marlin he speared off Kona, Hawaii.  Said Lai "I was a couple hundred yards from the boat at the time, and this huge marlin is all lit up like a Christmas tree... the fish looked pretty pissed off and started coming at me so I took a shot... after that the fish went ballistic, but I was able to keep it under control and bring her in." 

Spearing Tuna and Mahi are a challenge itself, but to subdue a massive Marlin takes great stamina and even greater patience. Thus while Calvin fully deserves a very impressive and prestigious world record !

Below:  Calvin Lai in his natural element doing what he does best...