Location:  Seward, Alaska

Tucked away in the Kenai Peninsula Borough of Alaska lies Seward . Despite a micro population of just over 3,000 residents, Seward is the seventh most lucrative fishing port in the United States largely due in part to the Halibut. Commercial fishing is a large source of income in this region of Alaska with Halibut being a highly sought after commodity.

Halibut is the largest of all species of flat fish. They can obtain weights in excess of 700lbs and can bring angler's to their knees during a back-breaking fight. These fish regarless of size are all highly regarded tablefare.


Seward Halibut Jackpot Tournament

Come early summer, Seward puts on the Seward Halibut Jackpot Tournament. Anglers come with great interest to take part in catching a monster flattie. Seward's Halibut Tournament highlights this fishery, attracting early season visitors and anglers from throughout Alaska. 

"Because the tournament takes place early in the season, anglers will find it is easier to reserve a seat on one of the many charter vessels fishing during this early season.  In addition, ramp space and trailer parking is plentiful for those anglers wanting to launch their own boats. Daily tickets are $10, with a 3-day "weekender" ticket for $25.  Cash prizes awarded at the end of the tournament for the heaviest fish and the second and third place entries.  Daily prizes increase your odds of winning! " - Seward.com


Captain Andy Mezirow

Pelagic Pro Team Captain Andy Mezirow is a highly regarded Halibut extraordinare. Andy is no stranger to massive flatties and the proof is within his Cracker Jack sportfishing Charters.

Capt. Mezirow and the Cracker Jack operations have been fishing Seward Alaska for many years. The Captain and Crew work hard every day to stay the first choice for quality Seward Alaska fishing charters for Salmon, Halibut and Lingcod. All charter boats are state of the art and specifically designed for saltwater fishing in Alaska. They are equipped with the finest halibut and salmon fishing tackle available.

Your Alaskan hosts - Captains Andy Mezirow and Nik Ranta - along with their crew are simply some of the most dedicated sport fishing guides in Alaska. These guys love to fish! More than that, with over 15 years of Seward Alaska fishing experience, you can be sure they know where the fish are!


Capt. Andy & the Halibut Derby

Capt. Andy Mezirow checks in with the Waterman's Journal and shows off some killer Halibut that taking the lead in the Seward Halibut Jackpot Tournament.

"At about 1130 this morning Colorado fisherman Aaron Busher dropped a 17 oz Youngquist lead head with a white 8” Berkley Power bait grub tail, down to the bottom in 100 feet of water 4 miles Southeast of Montague Island, in the strong current and hooked up immediately on this huge halibut. He was fishing with a Penn Torque 10 reel spooled with #50 pound test Berkley tracer braid and a 30’ #60 pound Stren Coral Pink fluorocarbon mono shot ;mounted to a Penn Torque 7’ 20-40 pound rod. The battle lasted 45 minutes and the fish took several blistering runs in the shallow water. Everyone on the boat had derby tickets and this fish is on the top of the Seward Halibut Jackpot Tournament leader boat. At 86” and 338 pounds it is the largest halibut landed in Seward in the last five years."


Below: A monster Flattie is taken in the tournament by way of Capt. Andy Mezirow ...

Below: Capt. Andy and crew help subdue a 338lb beast!...




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