The latest trip (5/9/13) aboard the 52' Viking Booby Trap, Capt. "Ahab" Brett Holden, Capt. Jeff Wilson, and new first mate, Matt Reed, took three guest anglers out for their second trip of the season.  Josh Graves, Mike Parsons, and Andrew West managed to catch seven swordfish up to 400lbs, releasing five of them to fight another day.  The crew also released a Giant Bluefin Tuna 10 to 10 1/2' long, estimated at well over 600 lbs!  This fish was hooked at night near the surface while fishing for swords.  During the fight, the fish dove as deep as 1780' before skyrocketing to the surface, allowing the angler to get all the line back and eventually releasing the fish after 35-minutes.  Check out the video below, and make sure to focus in around the 8-minute mark, where Capt. Brett leaders the fish for the first time, finally realizing that it is not a swordfish, but a monster tuna.



The trip was finished up with a tilefish and grouper haul  suporting their Mothers day fish fry.. The Tile fish would have exceeded the Texas State record and was 44" long.. The Swordfish would have taken the Texas State record but was iced down and prepared for the long run in.. and the Bluefin Tuna, which was released, was well over 100 lbs over the current Texas state record!


One of the swords from this trip - Mike Parsons, Josh Graves, Andrew West, and Capt. Brett Holden


The 44" Tilefish, a would-be Texas State record, with guest angler Mike Parsons.


A deepwater grouper with Capt. Jeff wilson (Right) and new Booby Trap mate, Matt Reed.


The crew of Booby Trap - Capt. Jeff Wilson, new first mate, Matt Reed, and Capt. "Ahab" Brett Holden - showing what they do best.



Capt. Ahab/Brett Holden