Posted by Colin on Jan 15, 2011


OCP Mahi Boardshorts

Hook up!  And watch out for the all-new OCP Mahi Boardshort .  Feel the electricity of the ocean’s most-recognizable gamefish as the Mahi-Mahi lights up the sea in fluorescent greens, blues, and yellows.  The shockingly beautiful imagery by renowned underwater photographer, Tony Ludovico, captures the essence of why we all love the sport of fishing.  Match this with the comfort of PELAGIC’s super-soft 100% “Quick-Dry” microfiber fabric, and the OCP Mahi Boardshort reigns as the must-have, one-of-a-kind, fishing boardshort.  Whether you call ‘em Mahi, Dorado, or Dolphin, you’ll be inspired to know that a portion of the proceeds will be donated to help conserve pelagic gamefish species and promote sensible and sustainable recreational fisheries management. Get Yours Today!

OCP Sailfish Boardshorts

Its inspiration, captured in offshore fashion.  New from PELAGIC comes the OCP Sailfish Boardshort, complete with all the beauty and majesty of the ocean’s most prolific billfish.  The stealth and speed of the Sailfish resonates as the fish glows brightly with natural electricity on a backdrop of black and blue. Watch the pack as they school up and slash their way through a ball of bait!  Awe-inspiring “ultra hi resolution” imagery by world renowned underwater marine life photographer, Tony Ludovico, is matched with the comfort of PELAGIC’s super-soft 100% “Quick-Dry” microfiber fabric - making the OCP Sailfish Boardshort a must-have for all fishermen ranging from the encouraged beginner to the savviest of big game anglers. Get Yours Today!

OCP Tuna Boardshorts

Screaming reels, rods "bendo", and back-breaking battles - you will be immediately reminded of the fight between man and fish at first glimpse of PELAGIC's new OCP Tuna Boardshort.  Anyone who has tussled with these red-blooded gamefish can confirm the strength and power of the tuna is unmatched, and can leave anglers banged-up and broken - yet we keep coming back for more.  The open-water imagery captured by world-renowned underwater photographer, Tony Ludovico, brings out the excitement and chaos of a WFO insanely intense tuna bite!  The OCP Tuna Boardshort makes a statement for your anglers perspective of ocean conservancy, while providing the super-soft comfort of PELAGIC's 100% "Quick-Dry" microfiber fabric.  Don't head offshore without them! Get Yours Today!