Posted by Colin on Jan 14, 2011


New Gear already being released for 2011!

Winter is in full swing and spring-time will soon be on the horizon. It is a great time of year when companies put out new product just in time for when people need it the most. 2011 is sure to make news in the outdoor world in many areas, and clothing and gear is no exception. So what lays in store for us in 2011?

Pelagic Gear once again keeps it's well respected name high up in the industry list with a continuous line of killer product. You will have to wait just a little while for a plethora of new impressive product by Pelagic coming out by summer. But for now their latest release in high demand apparel, Pelagic has come forth with their flannel jacket. Cool in style, yet warm in the winter. Join Pelagic and live the offshore lifestyle, even during the cool weather offseason.

The Pelagic Flannel is the perfect jacket to keep you warm on and off the water!  Snap closure.  Quilted lining.

A great new product that has grabbed the attention of the outdoorsmen are face/neck sunshields. Pelagic has revolutionized this item to not only make it look more attractive and accomodating to your average outdoor person, but they have done it in Pelagic style!  Whether wade fishing on the flats, kayaking hours on end under the hot sun, or drifting on a flats boat targetting bonefish and tarpon, these great items helps protect your skin from many harmful UV rays, along with protecting your body against skin cancer.

The PELAGIC SUNSHIELD was specifically developed to be lightweight and breathable, while providing an extra layer of protection from the sun’s harmful and damaging ultra violet rays. Wear it to protect your face, head, neck, and ears from direct exposure to the sun. SPF 50

In addition to the Pelagic Flannel and Sunshield , the guys have also released a couple new long-sleeve shirt designs to keey you cruising in style! We have the new Tribal long-sleeve along with the new Camo 'P logo' long-sleeve shirts. Get your new Gear TODAY at !!