Posted by Colin on Jan 12, 2011


Cancun's Greater Amberjacks

Normally, when the city of 'Cancun ' is mentioned, it is usually in definition to Mexico's party central. Large concentrations of people and tourists are abound for fun in the sun on the Yucatan peninsula. With 3/4 of a million people living in this tropical paradise, you would think it would fend off those adventurous sportfishermen... and yet in a way it does just that. There are more majestic, untainted and much less populated destinations in the world that solely suits most of the experienced and game thristy angers. However, despite the crowded location, there are hidden places just off the coast that conceal great numbers of sportfishing thunderfish... Amberjack .

The Waterman's Journal is pleased to have Bo share with us his recent wintertime report... the pictures say it all!


Got into Cancun Friday, and after a crazy night, I woke up hungover Saturday and ready to detox and book a fishing trip. My family (Mom, Uncle, Sister, and two cousins) eventually settled on a charter that would depart from Cancun but fishes out of Islas Mujeres. We went with Kianah's Sport Fishing. I highly recommend them. The guides knew their stuff. We headed out of the marina this morning around 7am, and the conditions started out chilly, but really nice. Calm winds and 2ft swells.

We slowed down around Islas Mujeres to pick up some blue runners on sabiki rigs.

Mom and sis with blue runners...

After only getting a few, we made our way north east into the deeper water. After a 30 minute cruise, we get to a fleet of fishing boats hitting the deep rocks. The guides threw some blue runners and jigs down to the bottom, and within a minute we are hooked up on a jig. I take first and instantly we are hooked up again. Two nice amberjacks were then on board after hefty battles.

This type of action continued the whole time, and between four of us, we brought in 17 nice bruisers.

Mom with Sis with a couple nice AJs...

Me with a beast!

The girls got tired early, and we headed back in around 1:30pm. What a trip! Great to have experiences like this with the family. We definitely took a beating. I myself brought in seven of the 17, so I will be nice and sore tomorrow. Still got five more nights here. May get up for one more. If not, I'll definitely be doing a fishing of a different kind.  ;)

Until next time everybody!

p.s.- The end result...