Posted by Colin on Dec 14, 2010


Kayak Wars by Rick Underbrink

The 2010 Kayak Wars competition has concluded. This year 445 kayak anglers along the coastal United States, from Texas to Canada, hit the water in pursuit of the Kayak Wars crown.  Anglers submitted a record smashing 9112 catches combined with 36 new All Time Kayak Wars Records.  2010 came with an entirely new angler page on the official website that displayed personal records, yearly catches and photos of the angler’s catches.  In addition, Kayak Man Gold points were awarded to anglers that broke records and caught various slams throughout the year amongst other achievements.

Below : Manny Mendigo poses with a large Texas Black Drum ...

Below : Kevin Eager with an action pose after just landing the Kayak Wars World Record Dusky Shark ...

South-Central Region

A new powerhouse from Texas took top honors in the South-Central region.  The dynasty that was Team Rockstar has a new face in town – Texas Kayak Anglers.  Bill VanHorn and Jantzen Miller led the Texas Kayak Anglers with over 500 combined submissions.  Daniel Pham, Patrick Fargason and Jesse Drewa helped add to the teams total to take the South-Central regional crown with a total of 7725 points.  Adam Huynh of Team BuhhLeeDat took the top angler spot in the South Central region with 10 different species and 3545 total points.  Adam broke the Sheepshead and Grouper records in the process.

Below : Jantzen Miller holding up a mega Texas Flounder !!

South-East Region

Team Revolution destroyed the competition this year.  This team submitted 800 fish with 19 different species to a total of 12365 points.  Chris Lewis led his team by breaking 5 All Time Kayak Wars records.  Jason Callaghan, Tim Walker, John Donohue and Liam Callaghan combined for 622 catches to help distinguish any hopes for Team Neptune to take the South-East crown.  Brandon Denney broke the all time Kayak Wars scoring record by an individual with his first year of participation.  He caught 308 fish composing of 11 different species for a total of 6165 points and scratched the All Time Cobia record off the leader board by submitting a 52.5 inch monster.

Below : Jeff Shindle all smiles after landing this 40" Snook from the kayak in FL...

Below : Jose Chavez displaying a true way to measure for a Kayak Wars Record...

North-East Region

The anglers of KFA-NY (Kayak Fishing Association of New York) obliterated the competition.  KFA-NY Fleet 1, led by Patrick Gallagher, took striped bass fishing to a whole new level by submitting 240 stripers including a 46 inch Monster caught by Darren Mikula.  Ed Handler, Dennis Wise and Brian Servat contributed to the team’s total as well.  Patrick Gallagher also took the North-East angler Champion seat with 5565 total points and 250 fish submitted.

Below : Darren Mikula posing with a 46" Striped Bass taken via Kayak...

Below : Sandy Madre with a North East Division Kayak Wars Record Mackerel ...

Some other notable catches include...

- Michael Ray with an 80 inch Tarpon
- Peter Hinck with a 40 inch Amberjack
- Kevin Eager with a monster 61 ince King Mackerel .
- Chris Lewis with a 27.7 inch Snapper , a 50 inch Barracuda , a 31.5 inch Bonefish , a 40.5 inch Dorado and a 46 inch monster Jack Crevalle
- Rob Choi with a mutant 26.5 inch Sheepshead

Kayak Wars 2010 proved to be a substantial milestone in Kayak Fishing history.  2011 can only be better.  Kayak Wars will expand the species list and challenge anglers to new angling achievements.  Of course none of this would be possible without the help of Sponsors.  A big Thank You goes out to Hobie Fishing, Pelagic Gear, Yak-Gear, Sunjammers Watersports, Ocean Waves and Kayak Angler Magazine.

Tune in January 31st 2011 at ……… as the war continues.